The future belongs to
those who plan for it.

Great, livable communities don’t just happen—they’re created.
On purpose, for a purpose. We bring people together with a
shared sense of purpose and place to create enduring and
prosperous communities.

We’re now planning NEXT.

Like the communities we help, we have to plan for the future, too.
We’re still a company of curious, civic-minded people dedicated
to listening, hearing and the pursuit what's possible. You knew us as
ACP Visioning + Planning. Now just think of us as planning NEXT.

Ideas without a plan are only a wish.

Prosperous places are best shaped by the character of the community
and the people who live there. That’s why we seek the inspiration and ideas
of everyday citizens. We listen. We hear. We develop comprehensive
action plans that don’t just sit on a shelf. Instead we move
communities toward what’s NEXT.

Moving communities toward what’s NEXT.

Whether maintaining momentum, steering the future or completely altering a trajectory, we cultivate a shared vision and develop a well-founded action plan.

Meet Us

Creating your tomorrow
starts with listening today.

For us, getting people to the proverbial table isn’t nicety or mere formality. It’s about truly starting a productive, community-wide conversation. It’s about listening—and hearing. It’s about receiving input and ideas that lead to action about what to keep and what to change. It’s how we help move communities forward to planning NEXT.

The future holds the greatest thing: possibility.

Our work represents what we believe. At the core of every enduring community is a planned future mindful of people, place and character.

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Translate purpose into plan

Here are the stories of communities from Cary to Columbus to Valparaiso in which ideas become vision, vision becomes a plan, and plan becomes what’s NEXT.

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