Planning NEXT staff members teach at The Ohio State University

By October 16, 2015Staff Activity

This semester, three Planning NEXT staff members are sharing their knowledge and expertise as lecturers in the City and Regional Planning program at The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture.

Sarah Bongiorno, LEED AP BD+C and Michael Curtis, AICP are co-teaching “Designing Communication for Planners.” This course draws from Sarah and Michael’s broad experience with graphic tools and techniques used for effective visual communication in planning and design. Students will complete a variety of projects throughout the semester focused on topics such as branding a process (logo design, taglines, key messages), visualizing data and creating a web presence. The course asks students to choose a case study city in Ohio to use as basis for the work. Students began by researching their chosen city for general background and previous planning work in order to choose a planning process to focus on. They then developed a logo, outreach toolkit and web presence for their chosen process. A large focus of the course is on visualizing data – beginning with collecting and analyzing, interpreting analysis, choosing appropriate types of visuals, and visual storytelling. Part of the course will also focus on personal branding to help students create strong resumes and portfolios. The course will conclude with each student preparing a city summary book that brings together all the work that they have designed for their case study city throughout the semester.

Sarah Kelly, AICP is teaching “Sustainable Infrastructure Planning,” which focuses on green approaches to infrastructure systems. The course emphasizes the need to look beyond technical solutions to engage a variety of experts and diverse citizen perspectives solving challenging infrastructure problems. It builds upon Sarah’s knowledge of consensus building strategies and the complex interplay between regulatory agencies, technical experts and the general public. In collaboration with an engineering course, students will participate in the EPA’s Campus Rainworks Challenge competition, which invites student teams to design an innovative green infrastructure project for their campus showing how managing stormwater at its source can benefit the campus community and the environment.

All three staff members are excited about the opportunity to share their professional expertise with the next generation of planners!

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