Move toward what’s NEXT.

We create enthusiasm for the future.

 Planning as usual? That’s not really our thing.
That’s why we set out almost two decades ago to think about community planning differently. Better. It’s not just what we do. It’s who we are. We’re planning NEXT.

Success is what comes from collaboration.

Henry Ford said it best: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” We’re passionate about helping teams, staff, committees and stakeholders share a sense of purpose and place. From comprehensive planning to integrated visioning to facilitating complex, multi-jurisdictional efforts, we help create more enduring, prosperous and livable communities.

Strategic Planning + Visioning
Comprehensive Planning + Urban Design
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Visual Communication

This is what passion for community looks like.

Our team is curious, civic-minded and creative.
Our clients say we envision the realm of what’s possible.
We say it’s all in a day’s work.

Jamie A. Greene, AIA FAICP


Jamie’s top priority is always to complete the mission and achieve outstanding results. Perhaps that comes from his time as an Army officer. It’s his passion for communities, however, that drives him and our work. As co-founder and hands-on principal of our practice (formerly known as ACP Visioning+Planning), Jamie spent the past 20 years being inspired by the voices and commitments of the communities we serve. Today he strives to help communities of all sizes and conditions answer their most fundamental question: “What’s next?”

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from The Ohio State University and a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia.

Sarah Kelly, AICP

senior project Manager

Sarah knows that planning is about people. As a project manager she is committed to broad engagement while moving the process forward. Sarah also provides leadership at Planning NEXT for business development and research. Her Jill-of-all-trades orientation is informed by her background as a private sector planner in Boston and Dublin, Ireland as well as her nonprofit advocacy experience. An east coast transplant, she can be found in her free time exploring the region…by foot, bike, and ski!

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government from Dartmouth College and a Masters in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sarah C. Bongiorno, LEED AP BD+C

Senior project manager

When it comes to creating momentum and movement, Sarah knows a thing or two. Our clients say she “keeps the train running on time.” We say she’s not only well organized but positively passionate for design and quality places. Which explains why Sarah is able to simultaneously make every client feel like our only client and lead numerous civic initiatives, including co-directing Columbus Design Week[s], an annual festival that gets the public thinking and talking about design in our city, and Camp Architecture, a multi-week summer program for elementary and middle school students.

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Ball State University and a Master of Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University.

Michael A. Curtis, AICP

senior planner

It’s uncommon for someone to be both a talented planner and a gifted designer. Fortunately for us, Michael is that rare person. Masterful at simplifying the complex, he translates ideas, concepts and plans into visual communications with easy-to-understand graphics. For the past seven years, he’s made all of us—including our clients—“look good.” Proof positive? His work for Dublin, Ohio’s community plan, Abu Dhabi’s transportation vision and Cary, North Carolina’s “Imagine Cary” online initiative.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Mississippi State University and a Master of City and Regional Planning at The Ohio State University.

Kyle A. May, AICP

Senior planner

Kyle is no ordinary team member. Highly involved yet good humored, congenial yet conscientious, he’s deeply committed to helping citizens and other community stakeholders have their say about the kind of place they want to live, work and play.  It is hard to match Kyle’s enthusiasm for communities of all kinds—from vibrant cities, to growing suburbs, to challenged regions striving for a better future.

Kyle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Ohio University and a Master of City and Regional Planning from The Ohio State University.

Brian K. Ashworth, PLA


From streetscape design to large scale master plans, Brian’s work focuses on the “big picture” in landscape architecture. That talent is complemented by his strong GIS and mapping capabilities, earning him much praise from both clients and communities. Brian’s commitment to learning about and celebrating great places is showcased through his many “extracurricular” activities, from teaching a studio at Ohio State, to volunteering with the Center for Architecture and Design, to hand-crafting commissioned license plate art.

Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning from The University of Toledo and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University.

Our core team has a great support crew to help deliver what’s next.

It’s an honor to share.

Award-winning work makes headlines. While we’re humbled to have won six prestigious awards in nearly as many years, we prefer to celebrate the teams, communities and clients that make our work both professionally lauded and personally rewarding.

Award-winning work led or supported by the planning NEXT team.











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