Confronting uncertainty is the very reason planning is so critical

Uncertainty and ambiguity make planning more difficult and more important. A community plan can help mitigate issues and provide a road map with directions depending on circumstances. The future belongs to those who plan for it. We move communities toward what’s NEXT.

Whether maintaining momentum, steering the future or completely altering a trajectory, we cultivate a shared vision and develop a well-founded action plan.

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Moving communities toward what’s NEXT.

Here are the stories of communities from Athens to Columbus to Valparaiso in which ideas become vision, vision becomes a plan, and the plan becomes what’s NEXT.

agricultural fieldUncategorized
November 16, 2020

Counties, Communities and Collaboration

Planning NEXT’s work with counties spans over two decades. In the past two years alone, communities we’ve worked with have…
Wabash County launch Imagine One 85Uncategorized
November 5, 2020

Wabash County, IN Launches a Collaborative Planning Process

Something special is happening in northeast Indiana’s Wabash County… An unprecedented collaborative planning process has been launched by elected and…
Planning Next’s Jamie Greene and Michael Curtis, and Alyssa Halle-Schramm, from the City of College Station present at an APA Cross Chapter Collaborative ConferenceUncategorized
October 15, 2020

Big Day for The Next 10

October 8 was an exciting day for The Next 10, a comprehensive plan evaluation for College Station, Texas led by…

The future holds the greatest thing: possibility.

Our work represents what we believe. At the core of every enduring community is a planned future mindful of people, place and character.


Creating, transforming and revitalizing communities. Ready for planning NEXT?

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