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Workshops focus on key questions for Independence and Seven Hills

By October 23, 2014Project Updates

How do we make Independence an even better place? How do we leverage our non-residential land to improve the city’s income? How can we ensure the continued delivery of services and the maintenance of our facilities?

These were the questions asked at two workshops held on September 15 and 16 in Independence and Seven Hills, Ohio. The workshops brought approximately 200 people together as part of a six-month process to develop area plans for five non-residential districts. The first workshop focused on the future of the nearly 1,000 acre Rockside Road corridor and was part of an unprecedented collaboration between the municipalities of Independence and Seven Hills. The second workshop focused on Downtown Independence and beyond.

The area plans are being pursued as a recommendation of the Economic Development and Strategic Plan for Independence. The findings from the workshops will be combined with technical research to develop a clear plan for the future of each district. The overall goal of the area plans is to improve the competiveness and viability of the city’s non-residential districts and, in so-doing maintain and improve the quality of life of the city’s residents.