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FRAMEWORK Delivered, What’s Next?

By September 20, 2023Project Updates, Uncategorized


Never before had this many communities come together to address their shared future. After over a year of rigorous technical analysis, robust engagement with participants from over 15 jurisdictions, and complex conversations with stakeholders throughout the region, the final FRAMEWORK report is complete.

On September 7th, 2023, the Thomas J. Evans Foundation and Planning NEXT presented the final FRAMEWORK document to the initiative’s Leadership Group, a body comprised of one elected official from each participating jurisdiction. This group, along with supporting entities such as, Grow Licking County, the Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Johnstown Chamber of Commerce, the Licking County Chamber of Commerce, the Pataskala Chamber of Commerce, and Young Leaders of Licking County has been meeting since April of 2022, with Planning NEXT stepping in beginning July 2022.

The 170 page report includes 7 chapters outlining recommendations on how the study area should manage growth and change based on the findings from the previous year’s efforts. Within the document are a set of “best practices,” which are proven policies, programs, and/or other strategies that have been implemented by local and state governments to address a particular growth or development priority or initiative. It will work as a toolkit to provide guidance to the FRAMEWORK member jurisdictions and will assist to ensure that planning, development, and future growth are managed in a consistent manner to ensure that all jurisdictions benefit from this cooperative precedent.

Planning NEXT is proud to have served the Licking County communities and to have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Thomas J. Evans Foundation in the unprecedented effort. The firm will continue their work with the FRAMEWORK member jurisdictions for an additional year, as they assist with implementation efforts outlined in the final FRAMEWORK report.