City of Elkhart, IN
River District Plan

Elkhart is surrounded by one of the most robust industrial clusters for a city of its size in the country, but has experienced decline for decades. The River District Revitalization Plan represents a intervention by Elkhart’s leadership to reverse course and create a place capable of jump-starting the city’s business and residential growth for decades to come. Planning NEXT was engaged to facilitate the process with the City of Elkhart and to develop a rational and achievable plan to realize the community’s vision.

A nine-member planning committee was created to guide the process. The committee represented a wide range of interests including business leadership, developers, philanthropic leadership, and government officials. These members provided invaluable insight into the community. Area stakeholders and the general public were also engaged to gain additional insight from a broader spectrum of the district.

The eight-month process also included rigorous technical analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the planning area. A market analysis was performed with a focus on retail and housing potential.

The Revitalization Plan has seven District-wide principles, nine recommendations, and twenty specific capital improvement projects.

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Project Type: Area Planning
Community Type: Small city
Client: City of Elkhart, Indiana
Services: visioning, land use planning, area planning