Grove City, OH
Land Use Framework (various)

Grove City, a suburb at the edge of the Columbus region, has grown steadily since 1960 to a 2010 population of approximately 35,575 people. Due to its proximity to Columbus and abundant developable land, Grove City is expected to have the highest growth rate among all Franklin County cities over the next 20 years. Unlike several of its suburban neighbors in the region, Grove City has lacked a comprehensive vision for its future to guide growth and policy decisions. Planning NEXT has worked with the city for many years on a range of planning efforts that collectively help the city manage growth in the face of changing regional and national market conditions, and maintain a high quality of life and fiscal health.

Ongoing support.

Since 2007 the planning NEXT team has served as a general planning adviser and has assisted the Grove City with five significant projects: 1) form-based regulations for the city’s historic Town Center; 2) a Vision Charrette for the Town Center; 3) the Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan; 4) a Land Use Framework for the Thoroughfare Plan Update; and 5) a redevelopment vision for Beulah Park, a former thoroughbred racing ground.




Project Type: various
Community Type: mid-size city, suburb
Client: City of Grove City
Services: pre-planning, public engagement, land use planning, urban design