Near East Side, Columbus, OH
Neighborhood Plan

Partners Achieving Community Transformation (PACT) is a partnership between the City of Columbus, The Ohio State University, the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and stakeholders on the Near East Side neighborhood. PACT’s aim is to enhance the quality of life on the Near East Side by focusing on five core areas: Jobs and Economic Impact; Safe, Vibrant and Accessible Neighborhoods; Health and Wellness; Education; and Housing. In 2011 the organization set about to create a master plan called the “Blueprint for Community Investment” to leverage $1 billion expansion of Ohio State University’s Medical Center facility in the area. The planning NEXT team was hired as part of a multi-disciplinary consulting team being led by Goody Clancy to create and facilitate an inclusive and meaningful public process for the Blueprint.


The approach was a multi-platform strategy that recognized a range of interests, confidence and availability of individuals the process sought to attract. It involved both outreach, to keep interested parties informed and deliver people to input opportunities, and engagement, focused on the venues and techniques to gaining and sharing insight.

Job # 12009 Launch Event for PACT East High School JAN-08-2012 Photo by Jo McCulty The Ohio State University



The outreach effort included electronic (social media and website), print (flyers and mailers), media (local radio, television and newspapers), and personal (direct word-of-mouth communication).


The engagement effort involved a range of committee and stakeholder meetings, small public workshops called “community conversations,” a multi-day design charrette and a series of open houses.