Phoenix Next: An Investment Strategy in Northwest Dayton

By August 27, 2018Project Updates

In early 2018, the neighborhoods in northwest Dayton, received significant news: Good Samaritan Hospital—a community fixture for over 80 years—would be closing by the end of the year. While the announcement remains emotional for many, the Planning NEXT team is working in partnership with CityWide Development Corp. and the community to explore opportunities for the future. The geographic focus is on the to-be-cleared 13-acre hospital campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project, Phoenix Next, is building on 15 years of work by CityWide to improve the area.

Declining population and disinvestment have greatly challenged the neighborhoods in the past several decades. But a spirit of perseverance and a belief in the possibility of reinvention have also helped community members work together to build community assets, like a new branch library. The project integrates community engagement with focused technical work, including market analysis to gain an understanding of economic opportunities.

On August 21st, over 150 community members participated in an Options Workshop to provide insight on three concepts for the site and to help set the direction for the future of the neighborhoods. The workshop built off the energy of a series of forums and stakeholder interviews held earlier in the year. The input will help the planning team advance and refine recommendations over the next several months to inform the final recommendations. These will be shared with the public through an Open House and will be used to help guide both potential private investment and work by other key entities, including public agencies and nonprofit organizations.

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Media coverage from the Options Workshop:

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