Tuscaloosa, Alabama presents a draft Framework for the future

By November 14, 2019November 19th, 2019Project Updates

Last week, over 450 people gathered at the Tuscaloosa River Market to learn about and give feedback on a draft of the city’s first Comprehensive Plan. Using a combination of printed display posters and digital tools, the community reviewed and commented on the draft plan and identified what they thought should be priorities.

A major feature of the work is a citywide future land use map and recommendations for six concentration areas. To overcome the limitations of printed maps (such as a fixed scale and limited detail), we created an interactive digital version of the Future Land Use Map that participants could explore and provide comments using tablets. The interactive map allowed people quickly find their area of interest with a search, zoom-in, toggle the basemap to an aerial photo, and reveal the existing zoning through a touch interface. Comments submitted this way appeared in real time on a composite map displayed in the room.

Check Out Interactive Map!

The Comprehensive Plan is the first of two major phases of Framework, a multi-year effort to create a new plan for the city and rewrite the zoning code. The process began in early summer 2018. Over 300 members of the community participated in the initial engagement including The Forum on the Future event in November 2018. A 30-member steering committee has been working with City staff and the Planning NEXT team to consider community input and technical analysis to draft the plan.

The comprehensive plan is expected to be complete and considered for a formal adoption process early next year. Following completion of the comprehensive plan, the zoning code update last approximately 12 to 15 months.

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