Lebanon, OH 
Downtown Master Plan

A small historic town nestled between the metropolises of Dayton and Cincinnati, Lebanon, Ohio has seen consistent success over the past 100 years. With a walkable pattern and retail-oriented streets, tourism is a large portion of the daily activity in it’s downtown. Several anchors in the area, such as the Golden Lamb, LCNB National Bank, and several government buildings drive consistent traffic. Having completed many of the items on the 2001 Downtown Plan, City officials looked to build on the momentum.

Multidisciplinary Steering Committee

A fifteen-member steering committee was created to guide the Downtown Master Plan process. The committee represented a wide range of interests including business leadership, developers, philanthropic leadership, and government officials. These members provided invaluable insight into the community.

Rigorous Technical Analysis

The nine-month process included rigorous technical analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the planning area to determine assets and opportunities within downtown. A market analysis was performed with a focus on retail, office and housing potential. These findings were used by the planning team to inform the process and help develop recommendations.

A Framework for Success

Think! Downtown has been adopted, providing the framework for success of future generations in downtown Lebanon. Six goals were developed from the public input and technical analysis. These six goals are the basis for 42 action items throughout the planning area, ranging from programmatic initiatives to bicycle sharrows and beyond. Several recommendations are short-term and can be implemented within a year, while others are long-term and may take up to five years to complete. The final document and its implementation matrix provide City officials a consistent touchstone for guiding development.


Project Type: downtown master plan
Community Type: city
Client: Lebanon, OH
Services: public engagement, master planning