Central Ohio Region (MORPC)

Regional Growth Strategy

The Central Ohio Region is comprised of seven counties (Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Pickaway, and Union), 21 cities, 116 townships, and 59 villages and total land area of 3,577 square miles. Home to state government, The Ohio State University, and a significant services sector economy, the Columbus region has grown markedly in the past few decades, far exceeding the population growth of the State and Ohio’s other regions. By 2030 the population is forecast to increase by 36 percent adding 573,800 new residents for a total population of approximately 2,155,000.

The planning NEXT team helped the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission develop a Regional Growth Strategy for Central Ohio, to build consensus on how to enhance quality of life and manage growth and development. The effort involved an investigation into the powerful trends impacting the region and extensive public involvement, which led to a set of resources to assist local communities.

Conceptual Development Framework

The Conceptual Development Framework (CDF) phase of the central Ohio Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) was prepared to illustrate a preferred approach to future development of the vastly expanding, seven county region. The CDF is guided by the Vision Statements and Supporting Strategies of the Regional Growth Strategy and illustrates general locations of preferred types of growth relative to existing and proposed infrastructure investments, important natural resources, and strategic economic development opportunities.

Demonstration prototypes

Three sites—an urban site, a greenfield site on a corridor, and a rural site—were chosen to demonstrate a conceptual approach to both infill development and redevelopment in the region and how the regional principles might be applied in a real place with real planning needs. In compressed, design-focused sessions using the regional principles of mixed-use development and growing inward, central Ohio stakeholders, officials, and staff developed design concepts for the demonstration sites using interactive charrette processes and tools. The concepts developed during these design sessions were refined into Target Area Plans and will be used to give more clarity to the RGS and serve as prototypes for basic policy choices for the participating local governments.



Project Type: land use vision
Community Type: region, multi-jurisdictional
Client: Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC)
Services: pre-planning, public engagement, land use planning, urban design