Davidson, NC
Comprehensive Plan

Davidson has a long, successful history of planning that created the vibrant community people enjoy today. What’s Next? is a process to build upon previous successes and update the town’s comprehensive plan from 2010. Planning NEXT is currently leading the public engagement for this effort. The updated comprehensive plan will act as guide for Davidson to ensure the town continues to embody the character and special qualities for which our community is known. This is critical for Davidson considering its place within the high-growth area of Charlotte.

Bold enthusiasm

People are not only talking about the process, but also taking the time to share their input and get others involved. As part of this first round of engagement, an exploration survey focused on the town’s planning principles was administered to gather initial input on the principles and how well they have been implemented. From chatting with patrons at Davidson Farmers Markets and college athletic events to neighborhood meetings, Christmas in Davidson, and beyond, the team worked hard to get in contact with as many people as possible while residents were out and about town. As part of this process, over 640 surveys were completed and momentum continues to build.

Creative engagement

The process began with the team reaching out to Davidson residents at local events and traveling to different neighborhoods. By prioritizing face-to-face interactions, the What’s Next process has been successful in gathering input from critical populations throughout the town. What’s Next created resources for the Spanish-speaking residents to understand the process and complete surveys. Further, the project website provides participants numerous opportunities to share their input and find future engagement activities. By using its resources efficiently, What’s Next has been able to get the word out to participants and provide multiple avenues for collecting input. As the process moves forward, What’s Next is posed to grow its engagement around town in unique and innovative ways.


Project Type: public engagement for a comprehensive plan
Community Type: university community
Client: Town of Davidson
Services: public engagement, social media and online engagement