Unveiling 200Columbus

By February 14, 2011May 23rd, 2014Project Updates

On the 199th birthday of the City of Columbus, Jamie Greene shared a preview of plans for the city’s bicentennial year. Jamie is serving as project manager of 200Columbus, the city’s bicentennial celebration, promotion, and initiatives.


The mission of 200Columbus is to develop and coordinate a robust and transformative commemoration of the city’s bicentennial…

  • Celebrate… Coordinating a year-long calendar of events—with high points—that reaches every Columbus citizen, attracts visitors, recognizes the beginning or completion of great projects and garners national and international attention
  • Educate… Bringing the city’s history, accomplishments and potential to the forefront of our minds
  • Inspire… Seeding the next generation of action, with a stronger sense of who we are as a community and what we are building together
  • Market… Promoting the community to central Ohio, the state, and country
  • Act… Championing both the bold efforts as well as those neighborhood initiatives and projects that advance our prosperity and positively impact the everyday lives of citizens


There are two goals of 200Columbus…

1. (for the bicentennial) A community that is more inspired, proud and engaged in their progress and the increasing vitality of Columbus.

2. (leading to) Better recognized locally and globally as one of the best places to live and work.


The 200Columbus program is divided into three parts, Celebrations, Promotion, and Initiatives with the following objectives.


1. Internal Marketing (Columbus region)

  • Community pride is increased
  •  A consistent story is told
  • An education component is implemented
  • Ambassadors are created
  • Economic confidence is inspired

2. External Marketing (national, global)

  • Image/Identity is defined
  • Positive awareness is increased
  • “Image shift” (via Bicentennial) is realized
  • Economic confidence is inspired


1. Events

  • Dispersed opportunities (throughout city) are provided
  • Diverse venues/themes are developed
  • An experiential aspect (emotional impact) is incorporated
  • Signature events are produced

2. Education (P-16)

  • An education component is implemented
  • Columbus City Schools (and others) are meaningfully engaged

1. General

  • A diverse set of improvements (project or programs) are completed
  • A diverse set of improvements are launched
  • Improvements meaningful to a diverse population are created
  • Positive economic impact is realized including a net increase in jobs

2. Legacy

  • Signature improvements are realized (not just “bricks and mortar”)
  • Positive neighborhood impact is realized