Imagine Westerville kicks off public process with three-day planning workshop

By September 11, 2014March 20th, 2015Project Updates

The City of Westerville came together at the end of August to imagine their future as one of the first steps in preparing a new plan for the community. Nearly 250 people participated over the course of the three-day Community Planning Workshop to help shape the future of the community. Participants shared what they treasure; mapped strong areas, attention areas, and areas of opportunity; assessed community values and principles; considered the future character of places; and helped shape growth scenarios. This three day interactive workshop consisted of two evening public meetings, a drop-in work day and stakeholder interviews where the planning team heard from community leaders on education, outdoor and recreation, non-profit organizations, retail businesses, real estate and development.

The workshop yielded nearly 1,000 individual pieces of input which was databased with the next step of developing scenarios for how Westerville could grow in the future scheduled to start in the early fall. Imagine Westerville is currently receiving input online via an online activity page call Shaping Tomorrow hosted on the project website. Shaping Tomorrow will be seeking input through the end of September where all the input will be added to the database in preparation for the future growth scenario modeling to commence.