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Fowl River Watershed Management Plan off to a promising start

By October 20, 2014Project Updates

The Fowl River watershed in Mobile County, Alabama, which empties into Mobile Bay, is special resource that serves many important functions for its surrounding communities. It is livelihood for some, a recreational amenity to others, and of regional economic importance to many. But the watershed also faces challenges. Mobile Bay was severely impacted by the 2010 BP Oil spill. In addition, over the past several years, community members and government agencies have grown concerned about issues such as the loss of wetlands and shoreline due to recreational boat use and continuing erosion and sedimentation due to certain development activities.

On October 14, a Steering Committee came together for the first time to begin the year-long process of developing a Watershed Management Plan for the Fowl River watershed. Working with Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc., planning NEXT is helping to shape public engagement for this important initiative. The work is being overseen by the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program.