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Open House brings planning for Columbia and Richland County into a new phase

By November 17, 2014Project Updates

On November 5, a draft land use plan for the City of Columbia, SC was presented at an Open House. The land use plan for Columbia is part of PLAN TOGETHER,  a unique parallel comprehensive planning process between Columbia and Richland County, SC. Both planning efforts are being led by Clarion Associates with support from planning NEXT.

The material from the Columbia open house is browse-able at the project website where comments are being collected through the end of November. That material includes:

  • The Plan Framework explains the vision and principles guiding the planning process as well as providing background information and tips on reading the plan material.
  • The Land Use Plan defines different development terms regarding scale and density and provides a map of proposed future land uses.
  • Development Types describes the various development patterns and provides character images of each.
  • Additional Recommendations illustrates broader development goals that can be applied across development types.

Both plans are now in their final stages and moving toward adoption by their respective elected officials. The Richland County Comprehensive Plan will come before the Richland County  Council and the Plan Columbia Land Use Plan will be heard by Columbia’s planning commission in December.