Build One Portsmouth comprehensive planning process underway

By September 30, 2016Project Updates

The City of Portsmouth, Virginia has officially launched Build One Portsmouth, a two-year process to create a new comprehensive plan for the city.

A citizen-volunteer outreach team is gearing up for the robust community engagement process anticipated for this plan. At a meeting last week, members of the outreach team brainstormed their individual networks and identified an impressive list of community groups and organizations to reach out to in order to make sure participation is a choice for all who care about the future of Portsmouth.

The consultant team working with the City brings together expertise and national experience in public engagement, technical planning, sustainability and resiliency planning. The team includes Clarion Associates, Kimley-Horn and Planning NEXT, with support from The Miles Agency, TischlerBise, Dr. David Godschalk from UNC Chapel Hill and Mr. James Fox from NEMAC at UNC Asheville.

While the planning team conducts research and analysis in preparation for the planning process, the outreach team will be getting the word out about the first public engagement opportunity: “Focus on the Future” Workshops to be held on November 10th, 2016. The workshops are the first of four rounds of community engagement to be conducted as part of the comprehensive planning process.

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