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Planning NEXT to present on the promise of countywide comprehensive plans at the Central Ohio Planning & Zoning Workshop

Why is it that many counties in Ohio do not have up-to-date comprehensive plans? What do they have to gain by undertaking them? These questions will be addressed this Friday, May 18 at the 2018 Central Ohio Planning & Zoning Workshop. Sarah Kelly, AICP, will present the session, “Countywide Comprehensive Plans: Dead or Alive?” with Cory Lynn Golden, Transportation Planner with the Clark County-Springfield Transportation Coordinating Committee.

The session will focus on the case study of CONNECT Clark County, which culminated in February 2018. Drawing lessons from this work in a county that is located between Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. It will provide insight into the value of countywide comprehensive planning to inspire other counties to step up to the challenge.

Some of the topics to be covered in the session include the following:

  • Insights to help local jurisdictions to pursue shared goals through countywide planning.
  • Approaches to public engagement and stakeholder involvement for comprehensive planning that can bolster participation and sense of commitment to the plan’s recommendations.
  • Strategies for bringing partners together at the countywide scale who do not normally collaborate.
  • Implementation approaches that can be used to ensure that all key partners in a countywide comprehensive plan commit to pursuing the final plan’s recommended programs, policies and projects.

View the CONNECT Clark County Comprehensive Plan.

We hope to see you all there!