Implementation Progress in Mobile, Alabama

By November 27, 2018Project Updates

In November 2015, the City of Mobile adopted Map for Mobile, their first community-wide plan in over 20 years. Less than three years since the plan was adopted, the City has been successful in implementing dozens of specific recommendations of the plan. Of Map for Mobile’s 121 recommended actions, 109 are already underway. Planning NEXT is continuing to support Mobile in implementing the plan by providing the following:

  • Status Report to the Community. A public facing summary of Map for Mobile’s progress since the plan’s adoption.
  • Implementation Chapter Updates. An update to the Action Plan component of Map for Mobile that considers previous progress, new actions and current priorities, and makes future progress easier to track.
  • Build Mobile Website. A redesign of the planning department’s website to make it more user-friendly,
  • CSS Video. A short promotional video about the City’s new online permitting tool, CSS,
  • Neighborhood Planning Toolkit. A set of resources to help community groups pro-actively plan for and improve their neighborhoods,
  • Map for Mobile Website. A website overhaul of to feature various planning efforts underway and allow for public input on each.

The team is excited to see the City is continuing to make progress, taking their words to action, and finding ways for Planning NEXT to stay involved.