The City of Shaker Heights, City Schools and the Public Library Envision a Coordinated Facilities Master Plan

By March 22, 2019Project Updates

Planning NEXT is thrilled to be working on collaborative effort with the City of Shaker Heights, Shaker Heights City Schools and Shaker Heights Public Library to facilitate a visioning process for the community’s Coordinated Facilities Master Plan. The process, Forward Together, is an effort to develop a plan for the future of the facilities throughout the City. With limited resources and high expectations, it is important for the community to leverage current relationships, look for new ways to collaborate and think creatively about the current and future state of facilities.

This is the first time Shaker Heights entities have joined forces to envision the potential of community facilities, which demonstrates the City’s collaborative spirit. Planning NEXT will lead the visioning effort—inventorying the current assets, exploring future needs and engaging the community on what they want to see in the future. The process that will take approximately 6 months. It will kick off in late March with a panel discussion—bringing together thought leaders in the future of cities, libraries and education—to share trends and discuss what they mean for the future of civic assets.

To learn more about the Forward Together process, visit: