College Station, Texas Evaluates Their Comprehensive Plan

By April 16, 2019Project Updates

Capitalizing on its previous successes in college towns, Planning NEXT is excited to begin work with College Station, Texas—home of Texas A&M University, one of the largest universities in the country. The City of College Station is launching its Comprehensive Plan 10-Year Evaluation and Appraisal with the help of Planning NEXT and Kimley Horn. The last Five-Year Evaluation and Appraisal Report was completed in 2014. Since then, College Station’s population has increased by 17%, building permits have been issued for over 2,800 single-family homes, and the City has experienced record levels of construction valuation. This process will help develop critical recommendations on topics surrounding growth, development, mobility, economic development, and community services.

The 10-year Evaluation and Appraisal is a major assessment of the City’s Comprehensive Plan that will involve recommending updates to the Future Land Use map, Transportation Maps, Annexation Plan, and other major policies and action items. Given the City’s recent rapid growth, the work will involve analysis of scenarios to illustrate the trade-offs associated with different land use and transportation policies.

The process will heavily focus on public engagement to gather information on the community’s issues, assets, challenges, and opportunities. The planning team will facilitate meetings with a City Council-appointed Advisory Committee, organize and facilitate traditional public input work sessions, and design innovative ways to collect meaningful input from hard-to-reach groups. A scenarios workshop will engage the public in conversation about a set of land use and transportation choices.

The 10-year Evaluation and Appraisal Report will ultimately be the foundation for a major update to where and how College Station grows in the future.