Wayne County’s comprehensive plan has been adopted!

By December 3, 2019Project Updates

After a fifteen-month-long planning process, Wayne Onward, the planning process to update the comprehensive plan for Wayne County, Ohio, has been completed with adoption of the plan by County Commissioners on November 28.

At the core of this planning work was a robust public engagement process including two rounds of public workshops throughout the County and a culminating Open House. During the process, hundreds of people participated and thousands of individual comments were collected. This input, combined with technical analysis, helped produce a final plan that is reflective of the values and goals of the community. The public engagement effort included targeted efforts to involve groups that have a tendency to be underrepresented, including the County’s Amish residents (making up an estimated 10% or more of the population).

The final plan includes 15 priority recommendations that emerged as most critical and dozens of others that can be implemented over the long term. Key themes that arose from the process included supporting agricultural preservation, balancing rural character and growth, improving tools to manage land use (regulatory and non-regulatory), providing housing options for all segments of the population including young people and people with limited incomes, and supporting parks and trailways. Another important aspect of the process was identifying opportunities for synergies between planning and development activities of the County and the City of Wooster.

View the plan here.