What’s in your Toolbox?

By April 29, 2020May 4th, 2020Headlines, Project Updates
Montage of participants interviewed for a video in Mobile, Alabama
We interviewed dozens of former Map for Mobile participants, community leaders, and supporters of the City's new zoning code for a series of short videos.

During this time of great adaptation due to the COVID-19 crisis it is important to take stock of what is in your toolbox for connecting and conveying information to and about your community. With so many different virtual ways to connect and the competition for people’s attention (now that everything has moved virtual), how do you get above the noise and communicate in an effective way? One way we have found success is in creating short informative videos which allows for sharing complex information in a concise and easy-to-access way. A few examples of the videos we have recently created for our clients are below.

Zoom Tutorial

This zoom tutorial was created as a resource to be sent in advance of virtual meetings to participants. In this way, the beginning of the meeting could be more efficient and formal, with minimal technological challenges. It also helped hosts and participants get a quick understanding of the capabilities and an idea of what they should see during a meeting.

From Vision to Action

The City of Mobile’s From Vision to Action video is a summary of Map for Mobile, the City’s Comprehensive Plan. During this moment in time, where the community is unable to connect in traditional ways (i.e. social gatherings, person-to-person discussion, etc.), it is still important to hear from leaders of the community across all demographics about important, community-related topics. This video delivers messages from diverse voices to remind people that the City has a plan (one that reflects community ideas) that they support, and is working hard to bring its vision to action.


Mobile’s new zoning code, the Unified Development Code (UDC), is an implementation effort for the Map for Mobile process. In a short and concise manner, this video describes the process, explains key terms, and shares why an update is necessary. Throughout the video, local leaders and advocates instill confidence in the draft zoning code as it approaches adoption. It was important to hear from local leaders why they support the UDC, including the benefits of updating the zoning code. Videos like this not only help reinforce leader support in a process but keep the public informed on community issues and events.