Charleston County, SC
Comprehensive Plan Public Engagement

The planning NEXT team lead the public process for the Comprehensive Plan, Guiding the Future for a Lasting Lowcountry, as a part of the McBride Dale Clarion team. This process to prepare an update to the County’s Comprehensive Plan was the second such plan in the county’s history. The effort focused on the theme of stewardship—in the broadest notion of the term—to envision future growth in the county while respecting its history, cultural heritage, and sensitive natural environment.

Robust Engagement.

An extensive public input and outreach effort served as the foundation for the Plan’s goals, objectives, and policies. The public process was designed to involve people, communities and constituencies that have historically not participated in county planning. Over five-hundred people participated in the first two rounds of public workshops, contributing ideas on themes such as rural/historic preservation, sustainable development, slowing sprawl, protecting wetlands and waterways and providing quality open space

Award Winning.

The final plan takes shape around nine elements (population, economy, natural resources, cultural resources, housing, community facilities, land use, transportation and priority investment) and serves as an expression of the County’s intent for how and where future growth and development should occur given the Lowcountry’s unique character and natural conditions. The Plan received the 2010 Outstanding Project Award from the South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association.

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Project Type: comprehensive plan
Community Type: county
Client: Charleston County
Services: public engagement