Independence, OH
Redevelopment Area Plans

Independence is a suburban community in the Cleveland region. While the city is mostly residential, four business districts, developed during a period of regional growth and suburban expansion, ensured a long period of fiscal health and enviable quality-of-life. As these areas have begun to show their age and face growing competition for business in a struggling region, planning NEXT helped the city create an Economic Development Strategic Plan to reassess its approach to economic development. With planning NEXT’s help, the city is now implementing the strategic plan by creating Area Plans to improve the competitiveness and viability of the city’s non-residential districts and, in so-doing strengthen the city’s quality-of-life.

Public Enthusiasm

Community workshops brought approximately 200 people together to focus on key questions such as how the city can leverage its non-residential land to generate revenue and how it can ensure the continued delivery of services and the maintenance of facilities.

Plans for Five Areas

The Area Planning effort developed distinct plans for five non-residential areas. The largest of these areas is the 1,000-acre Rockside Road area, home to nearly 1,000 businesses, 21,000 jobs, and approximately 4 million sqft. of office space. The Rockside Road effort brought Independence and the neighboring City of Seven Hills together in an unprecedented way to form a mutually-beneficial plan. The plan for Rockside Road will strengthen the district as a fiscal asset for both cities, and build a framework for a more dynamic and vibrant neighborhood for workers and residents alike.