Overland Park, KS 
Community Vision and Strategic Plan

Overland Park has a well-deserved reputation for a high quality of life. This is in part due to a strong foundation of deliberate planning and commitment to following through on those plans. Leaders in the community recognized that a “moment of reflection” was needed to consider the next period of growth and development for the City. The dynamic community has many assets—nationally ranked schools, thriving businesses, a solid transportation system and strong housing. But in order to be sure that the community will continue to thrive in the decades to come, a new, inclusive and broad-based community vision and strategic plan was needed to set Overland Park on a solid path forward.

Community Connectors

The Forward OP process was launched to outline a path of continued success for the next 20-25 years. It sets the direction for Overland Park considering all aspects of community life. A 26-member citizen steering committee, representative of diverse interests, was created, and over 100 “community connectors” were identified to help spread the word about the process.

Planning for an Even Better Future

In January 2018, the Imagine Tomorrow Workshop was held and attended by more than 550 people. Activities for the evening included a “Write the Headline” exercise, where participants wrote what they thought the media would say about Overland Park in 20 years, and a group brainstorming exercise that helped participants think about big ideas for making the community even better in the future.

Successful Kickoff Leading to Next Steps

With the Imagine Tomorrow Workshop as a solid kickoff, the next step is a series of community conversations to take the ideas gathered and refine them in order to develop recommendations. The final plan, which is scheduled to be completed by late-summer 2018, will identify goals and specific actions for Overland Park to implement in the future.

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Project Type: community visioning and strategic plan
Community Type: city
Client: Overland Park, KS
Services: public engagement, social media and online engagement, visioning