Horizon’s 2026 Plan touted as “one of the best”

By July 28, 2016August 1st, 2016Project Updates

Greenville, North Carolina is one step closer to adopting the Horizons 2026 Comprehensive Plan. During July’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Tom Weitnauer, the city’s Chief Planner presented the draft plan for public review.  He told council that in his 26 years of working in the field “this plan is one of the best I’ve seen.”

The city hired Clarion Associates with Planning NEXT to undertake the major update to its comprehensive plan.  Planning NEXT developed the plan’s future land use element using a character-based approach to guide how development should look and function in different parts of the city. As part of that effort, the Planning NEXT team conducted the How will we grow? workshop to gain feedback and input from residents. During this week’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, Mr Weitnauer expressed the importance of the project approach, “especially the public input aspect.”  Our team appreciates those sentiments!

The plan also addresses transportation, historic preservation, environmental protection, and other citywide issues. With expected adoption of the plan in September, the planning team joins residents, community partners, commission representatives, and the community board in the excitement for Greenville, North Carolina’s plan. Read more about our work in Greenville.