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Jamie Greene speaks at mobility workshop in Asheville

By October 27, 2014Staff Activity

On October 25, Jamie Greene spoke at a unique workshop about the future of transportation in Asheville, North Carolina. The event, which also featured a mobility fair, was part of Asheville In Motion, an evolving and exciting community-based initiative designed to increase access to all forms of transportation. Asheville In Motion is facilitated by Kimley-Horn and Associates.

Ensuring that transportation infrastructure can support Asheville’s economic development activities has been a major focus of the city for many years. Jamie joined a panel of individuals from around the country with expertise on how cities can use mobility plans and other strategies to promote economic development. Jamie spoke about how economic development relates to place-making and the creation of place. In a city like Asheville where attracting new industry is a major focus, place-making strategies offer real potential to make the city more attractive to business while fostering a better quality of life for all who live and work there.