Planning NEXT Welcomes Three Talented Interns

By August 28, 2018October 1st, 2018Staff Activity

Planning NEXT is grateful for our three talented interns hired this summer—all Master of City and Regional Planning candidates at the Ohio State University. Welcome Abby, Brian and Emily!

Abby Anacki. Abby is a recent graduate of the Ohio State University’s Landscape Architecture program and is currently attending The Ohio State University to complete her Master of City and Regional Planning. Abby’s background in landscape architecture brings an understanding of sense of place and environment, while city and regional planning satisfies her love of large scale intervention, infrastructure and public outreach. Prior to Planning NEXT, Abby was involved in undergraduate research exploring an identity for Waterman Farm (located on Ohio State’s West Campus) as well as working for Ohio State’s Planning and Real Estate department. Her undergraduate thesis speculated the waste water future of Columbus, Ohio, specifically related to the OARS deep sewer tunnel, and investigated the history of waste water infrastructure in large Midwest cities. In her spare time, Abby enjoys cooking, eating around Columbus, playing outside with her new puppy Archie, and spending time with her family and friends.

Brian Zimmerman. Brian is currently in his second year of Ohio State University’s Master of City and Regional Planning program. Prior to enrolling in the program, Brian worked for five years at World Relief Columbus, a local refugee resettlement agency. With a BA in International Development Studies and an MS in Development Economics, Brian hopes to gain some practical and technical expertise in planning that will complement his theoretical background and passion for development. He is particularly interested in community engagement and development, food systems and international development. Outside of school and work, Brian enjoys spending time with his church group, travelling, running, learning new languages, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Emily Long. Emily is a current graduate student, of Ohio State University’s Master of City and Regional Planning program, interested in community development and neighborhood revitalization. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Management, Leadership and Policy from the Glenn College at OSU giving her a unique perspective on planning with a political lens. Prior to Planning NEXT, Emily previously worked with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, the City of Dublin, Smart Columbus, and the Columbus Foundation. She worked on Phase 1 of Age-Friendly Columbus, and is now working on Phase 3, for which Planning NEXT aided in the formulation of the initiative’s strategic plan.

Emily is skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite and has experience with social media and community engagement techniques. She has also performed research and analysis of sustainable placemaking techniques in European cities. Outside of work, Emily loves traveling, exploring Columbus neighborhoods, painting, and spending time with friends and family, especially her baby niece, Izzy.