Planning NEXT Teaches the NEXT Generation

By June 6, 2019Staff Activity

This week Planning NEXT interns, Abby Anacki and Emily Long, helped out at Camp Architecture. Camp Architecture is a four-week program created by The Center for Architecture and Design, held at the Knowlton School at the Ohio State University. At camp, school children—from third grade to high school—are given the opportunity to attend a one-week session where they participate in a multitude of activities. Campers learn about the various scales of design, including architecture, landscape, city planning, and other related industries.

Abby and Emily facilitated “The City Game” with campers, in which participants are given the opportunity to build their own cities. Acting as city planners, engineers, mayors, businesspeople, and citizens, campers discussed and chose what and where structures were built in their cities. Throughout the game, participants also competed for special pieces that represented various anchor institutions and other important economic engines, such as universities and airports. To earn one of these special pieces, campers needed to give persuasive speeches on their city’s behalf—the best speech earned the piece.

All campers did a fantastic job building their cities and discussing topics like sustainability, tourism, population growth, the economy, and education. Planning NEXT was thrilled to be part of this unique opportunity to teach children more about city and regional planning.