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Tuscaloosa, Alabama Adopts Framework Comprehensive Plan

By February 23, 2021Project Updates
Framework Tuscaloosa Cover
Framework is the City of Tuscaloosa's new comprehensive plan.

Congratulations to the City of Tuscaloosa. On February 17 Tuscaloosa’s Planning Commission adopted the Framework Comprehensive Plan (see the recorded livestream).

The adoption marks the end of a planning process begun in June 2018 to define a long-term vision for Tuscaloosa and set the direction for growth and development. It’s the first true comprehensive plan for the city. Tuscaloosa’s previous land use plan was drafted in 2009 and since that time the community experienced a global recession, devastating tornadoes in 2011, significant population growth, and now a global pandemic.

The Framework adoption process began in February 2020 not long after the Open House, but was paused in April after two meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the summer of 2020, Planning NEXT helped city staff develop and test procedures for safe public hearings. The process restarted in September and involved a series of ten Special Called meetings designed for thorough public review on all aspects of the plan while considering health and safety and the implications of COVID-19 on city policy.

To support the process, we developed several interactive map tools to:

1. collect public comments and speaker registrations;

2. show public comments during the virtual hearing; and

3. show proposed revisions to the Future Land Use Map.

The comprehensive plan adoption also marks the beginning of second part of Framework: updating the zoning code and subdivision regulations. The zoning code update will undertaken by team member Clarion Associates and will last approximately 12 months.

Framework is also the latest in a series of long-range planning efforts Planning NEXT has facilitated in University Communities. In the past five years that work has included: